Brand Identity
Photoshop, Illustrator,
and After Effects
Life360 is a location-sharing app that is built for the modern family. It aims to make life easier by keeping family connected and safe by incorporating tools where you can communicate, reach out, explore and still be connected.

Life360’s mission is to foster communication, outreach, exploration, and an enduring connectivity. To capture this idea, it is designed to convey movement, networking, and connection. The logo shows two people linked together by a single line.

Grid and Clearspace
Graphic Elements The graphic elements are a special set of icons that show the different features of Life360. Each icon serves as a visual representation, accentuating the remarkable functionalities that await users within the app.
Identity Posters

Content Posters

EnvironmentAs Life360 centers around an active lifestyle, I created a mobile popup campaign that travels to different locations, such as schools and parks. The primary goal is to showcase safety enhancements along with a variety of exciting summer events scheduled throughout each month.

Expanding the brand to the digital platform, it becomes functional. Each icon represents the key features of the app.

Social Media