Title Sequence
Cinema 4D and Photoshop

Credit: David Kim, E Jun Ahn
Concept Every moment lived becomes an experience that creates one’s character.

Saroo is an innocent child with a loving family. Aspiring to be like his brother, Saroo follows him to work, and an unfortunate series of events unfolds. Tragedy befalls Saroo, leaving him lost and eventually orphaned. However, luck favors Saroo, and a new chapter in his life begins as his past naturally fades away. Saroo embarks on a journey to understand his life, unraveling the questions and mishaps of his identity.

Mood Board
The train interior captures Edward Hopper’s mood and distinctive traits, evoking an unusual moment within an ordinary setting. Only the essential elements are placed with a intention to convey the story.

The moments are captured and placed as a stage set design. A suitcase becomes the main character in this main title sequence symbolizing Saroo as he travels. The dramatic and crisp lighting serves as a powerful symbol of the journey. Moreover, a second set of lighting is positioned to convey the mood and the story. The power of lighting is used to frame the moments Saroo’s life journey, drawing viewers deeper into its significance.